To North America's Greatest Attainable & Affordable
Boating Adventure
"Bring Your Own Boat"
and take the voyage of a lifetime
America's Great Loop
     Hello and Welcome!  My name is John and I may well be the oldest dude ever to be cruising America's
Great Loop. I might also have been the youngest. I made my first Great Loop voyage at the age of 22 and I
celebrated my 70th birthday this year on my 8th voyage around the Loop.
  My passion for cruising America's Great Loop began way back in 1971 when my best friend and I were told
about the possibility of making such a voyage. At that time, there was no GPS, no computers, no Internet and
very few 'Old Salts' around the Marinas had ever heard such a voyage was possible. So, at 22 years of age,  
full of youth and fresh out of the Army, we decided if it could be done. . . We could certainly do it!
    While that 1st Loop was far from the best, it lit a burning desire in me to do it again. The next time would be
better, safer, more comfortable and a lot more fun. It also had to be cheaper!
  Since then, I've been on a quest. While my 2nd opportunity to cruise the Loop didn't come for 25 years, each
of my 8 adventures around the Loop have been with the goal of "More Fun than Fuel".
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   The next page and the rest of this website is all about:
What to expect and how to prepare for "your" voyage around America's Great Loop.
   Imagine. . . Spending the best part of a year, cruising around
America's Great Loop. You're the Captain! You are living and cruising
on your own boat for 5,600 miles or more, cruising through 22 States
(or more), on the safest most scenic and longest inland waterway in the
 "Longest? You say."  Yes, the longest! The Nile River at 4,100 miles -
is the longest river in the world - the Great Loop's shortest route is
1,500 miles longer than the Nile River!
   "Inland? You say." Yes, the Great Loop offers you a chain of
protected, connected navigable rivers, waterways and canals that not
only take you north as close to the Arctic Circle as it does south to the
Tropics of the Equator.
   This is a safe voyage filled with the spirit of adventure, showered
with new discoveries and dried off with visits to absolutely amazing
destinations. It is boating to Big Cities, Small Towns and quaint villages
you never dreamed possible to reach in your very own boat.
   Furthermore, it is a loop. It is a GREAT LOOP! That means you can
cruise the entire 5,600 miles of it and end up exactly where you started,
without ever having to make a U-turn. Wow!
     As a result of 8 voyages in 6 different boats, my quest for "More Fun than Fuel" is complete. I now cruise the Great Loop in a 36'
sailboat with no mast or sails. I "motor" around the entire Loop averaging 6,300 miles on this year long adventure while burning 1.2
gallons of fuel per hour. Adding fuel cost, marina slip fees, Canal fees and all expenses related to my "boat related" cost of cruising - this
voyage now costs me pennies less than $7,700 a year. That's just over 900 engine hours burning 1,080 gallons of fuel with an average
(2016) fuel cost of $3,780.00. Additional costs include oil & engine tune-ups, maintenance, Canal fees and Docking fees for overnight
stays in Marinas and ALL my "boat related" expenses. So the bottom line is; I now cruise the Great Loop on pennies less than $22.00 a
day which includes all my transportation & lodging expenses. Not bad. . . For a year long wonderful vacation along with an absolutely
amazing adventure!
     However. . . This website is NOT about me - and I'm certainly not saying (or even suggesting) you cruise America's Great
Loop as I do. I'm just saying this is an attainable affordable adventure for most everyone that shares the dream. It is one in which there
are many safe options - some are very affordable, some are not.
     This website will give you "ALL" your safe, comfortable and reasonable options.

      My boating philosophy is "MORE FUN THAN FUEL" - that requires a "slow" boat. You might prefer a fast boat. Others might want
something in between. Possibly the greatest aspect of cruising the "Great Loop" is there are lots of options and plenty of safe choices to
make regarding our boats and budgets. Having completed 8 Loops in 6 different boats however, I've learned a lot about different boats,
what works, what doesn't and how best to make this journey the safest most comfortable and enjoyable adventure it is meant to be for
each of us. So, I'll give you the options. You pick which ones fit your lifestyle, comfort zone, boating philosophy and pocketbook.