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When it comes to cruising America's Great Loop, you can leave your American Express card at
home, but
don't leave the dock without the appropriate Skipper Bob publications.
At last print, all but one of Skipper Bob publications were still under $20.  As frugal voyagers,
we love that too.
I have been a member of BoatUS for as long as I can remember (and at my age, that's a long
time).  When you cruise the Loop, the BoatUS
Marina discounts will more than pay for your
Towing & Rescue Insurance  -  Most likely if you need it, it won't just save you a few
hundred, it will save you a few thou$and, and may in fact save your entire vessel and
everything in and on it.
Note: When it comes to rescue, the Coast Guard's mission is to save lives, not boats. When
they respond to a rescue, they take you off your vessel and leave your boat behind. BoatUS
together with SeaTow may then become the only option you have to recover your boat.     
Both BoaterEd.com and BoaterExam.com offer on line NASBLA approved Boating Safety
. Most States (if not all) along your Great Loop route require a boater to possess a
Boating Education Certificate as proof of having completed the course.

While we've never been asked to show a fishing license, we have been asked for our Boating
Safety Course Certificates.
So we highly recommend you get yours before starting your
voyage. If you plan on cruising the Canada, you will have to show proof of having completed a
NASBLA approved Boating Safety Course before you can clear customs.  
The Trent Severn.com site is also a great source all the information you need to know about
cruising Canada's waterways and is a great source of information on boating the Trent Severn
Great site.  If you are thinking of cruising Canada, this will probably put Canada on your trip  
If you're thinking of building your boat, this is the place to start. We suggest, you build your
dinghy first. Even if you don't want to build your own live a-board size boat, this is a great way to
get a great looking custom dinghy.  

The people at Glen-L are great people. They have some great (tried & proven) boat building
plans. Furthermore, they will answer your questions and provide support until your boat building
project is complete.
Looking for a good used boat?
What floats your boat?
    Oh, we're not speaking of Archimedes' principles of buoyancy here. . .
    We're talking about "lifestyle and comfort" . . .
    Do you really think you can live on a boat for an extended period and be happy?
    What exactly are the advantages & disadvantages?
(Capt John answers your questions and speaks frankly about the cruising & living a-board
Right now is a fantastic time to buy a good used safe, seaworthy, live a-board size boat. And
the best way to get the best deals (of course) is simply beating the bushes - pounding the
pavement - as they say. . .

Internet, you have places like E-Bay & Boat Angels. If you've never owned a boat before, we
suggest you hook up with a local Certified Boat Broker.
Personally, we just like this "Good Old Boat" Website, and think you will too.  
Great site
Great people!
Need a good
old boat?
This is it folks. . . Of course, the USCG has a lot of websites serving a lot of different
purposes. This one however, will give you links to all the others. It's a great resource for just
about anything you want to know regarding USCG services to boaters.
Contact us:
We respect your Internet privacy. We don't give, sell, trade or share
your email address with
anybody.  If you planning a Great Loop trip or
Just dreaming about it. We would appreciate hearing from you. Also, we
are glad to receive any Questions? or Suggestions you have.
Canada welcomes Americans arriving by boat as they always have - but there are different
rules you need to know in advance. Pat's Boating in Canada, tells you all about the laws, and
gives you a heads up on all the documents you might need to be aware of.
If you're planning a long
distance voyage, Don't miss
The Frugal Voyager
It is full of hints, tips,
information on what to
expect, provisions, distance,
and all the great 'cheap'
places to visit as well as the
expensive ones to avoid.
Just click on the pic. . .
Got the Dream? Get the Book!
    It contains 300 pages, and 120 answers to the most
FAQs about cruising America's Great Loop. In addition
there are over 100 valuable cruising tips and money
saving suggestions.
    This is the Great Loop "text book". It is all about "how
to" and "what to expect" when cruising the Great Loop.
It Includes all routes, route options and most popular
side-trips, as well as mileage between stops along the
way for ever single leg of your voyage.
    It gives you all the best boat and best equipment
options along with what you need and what you don't.
From the best places to fish, to the best places to stay
and linger. . . This is the book everyone is talking about!
    Boaters' Choice voted "Once Around Is Not Enough"
as the "Most Recommended" book in the Nautical
Other Awards include:
2013's Best Selling Book in the Nautical Market
Our new logo has a plan and a purpose.
Fact is, America's Great Loop is in serious threat of closing. Asian Carp migrating
north up the Mississippi and Illinois river now threaten a hard Lock closure of the connecting
route that allows boaters to cruise from the Great Lakes to the Inland rivers and Mississippi.
The threat is a real one. There are also options for a safe waterway transit that will prevent the
Asian Carp from entering the Great Lakes.
We encourage you to learn more about it, and to sign the pettion to keep this historic and
wonderful waterway open to boaters.
For more information, and to sign the petition, please check out this link.

Please! Help us, help you and others to "Keep the Dream Alive"
Asian Carp
threaten the closure of
America's Great Loop!
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"Bring Your Own Boat"
and take the voyage of a lifetime
America's Great Loop
All Great Links - for cruising the Great Loop
About the Author:
Capt. John is an 8 time Looper
with over 23 years living aboard
and cruising America's Great
"Once Around Is Not Enough" is
his 4th BEST SELLER in the
Nautical Market. This book took
the market by storm exceeding
all other nautical book sells
Capt. John was awarded "Author of the Year" in 2015 and
2016. "Once Around Is Not Enough" ranked him as the current
most influential author in the Nautical Market.
His tremendous success comes from his down to earth  
"practical and affordable" approach to making this dream a
reality. He practices what he preaches and his experience
comes through in a way that any beginner or novice boater
can easily understand.
It is obvious Capt. John's intent in writing is to spread the word
about this voyage being an attainable, affordable and
amazing adventure. His experience and passion for cruising
the Loop is a real 'heads up' advantage. He cares about his
readers making this voyage safely, comfortably and on a
frugal budget, if need be. For sure, taking the advice in this
book can save you thousands - which is his own boating
philosophy - "More Fun than Fuel".
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